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© 2019 by Charlotte Detienne

Note: All photographs are original art proprietary to Charlotte Detienne and may not be copied or used without written permission

What’s your story?  
Mine is one of travel, adventure and discovery.  It’s one of early mornings underwater with the fishies and late nights bottle feeding foals.  It’s one of small paychecks and big, sandy, salty memories; and it is one of navigating my way through my the peaks and valleys of this un-chartered journey that we call life;  All the while, unearthing my unexplored passions that helped shape my soul and influence the full life that I enjoy today.  
Years from now, will your great-great grandchildren know anything about you?  Will they experience the same thrill I did, digging around in their grandparents attics? Uncovering their own roots and family history, experiencing the wonder of dusting off mysterious images of their long-gone ancestors and the feeling of excitement in learning their story? 
It is this discovery; the discovery of your story, your legacy, your life that I am here to tell. So that your children and their children after that, will also have chance to enjoy and hold these memories in their hands; to be inspired by and learn from the lives of others gone before them.  I'm captivated by how the familiar face of a loved one, a long awaited milestone or a single heart-warming, tear-jerking, utterly perfect moment in time, can be immortalised forever, by means of a single photograph.
I understand the unique bond between animals and humans.  I know the intense connection, the silent conversations, the understanding look.  I have experienced the grueling days, sleepless nights and the small triumphs along the way....and I know the secret, hidden beauty of ending your day with mud in your socks, hair up your nose and hay in your pockets, because the joy that they bring to you is worth every second of it.  Without them, your story is incomplete; a half-finished book.
Whatever your story is, I can’t wait to help you tell it.


About Me

I’m from the UK - the land of fish, chips, cup o’ tea and Mary Poppins (the movie buffs out there will recognise that line!)

Charlotte is a British born equine and portrait photographer, based at Southern Cross Guest Ranch in Madison, Central Georgia, where she now lives with her husband Weston, rescue dog Bekkie and three horses, Wrangler, Wee-Man and Emma-Lou.
An artist at heart, Charlotte cannot remember a time when she did not have her hands in something creative, be it "cutting and sticking" in pre-school, taking hundreds of photos on school field trips or enjoying ceramics and graphic design in her teens; it wasn't until just recently, after years of dabbling in the art for her own personal delight, that Photography became Charlotte’s medium of choice to share with others.  
Specializing in equine photography with emphasis on natural light portraiture, each session is a brand new opportunity to capture these unique bonds and life milestones.
Charlotte is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America.