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© 2019 by Charlotte Detienne

Note: All photographs are original art proprietary to Charlotte Detienne and may not be copied or used without written permission

Goodbye horse photography

Passion Project

The Against All Odds Project

Over the course of 2020 Charlotte Detienne Photography will be undertaking the monumental project of telling the story of as many special horses and humans as possible that have overcome the unimaginable and against all odds, come out on top.
Each horse/rider selected for the project will receive a complimentary portrait session with Charlotte, plus a gorgeous 11" x 14" print to display in their home.  Got a story? Click here to apply!


Sponsorship / Passion Project

The Mustang Challenge

Follow Weston's journey as he sets out to prove his skills as a horse trainer by turning wild mustang #3307, a 4 year old gelding from Nevada into a tame, gentle and usable horse IN JUST 14 WEEKS!  If all goes well, he will be taking him to compete at the 2020 Equine Affair Mustang Challenge in Ohio in April 2020!    Click here to read the blogs!