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© 2019 by Charlotte Detienne

Note: All photographs are original art proprietary to Charlotte Detienne and may not be copied or used without written permission

at Southern Cross Guest Ranch

Here to capture your vacation of a lifetime!

Your very own, on-site professional photographer dedicated to making the memories of your ranch vacation live on forever!


Georgia based Equine Photographer

Preserving legacies, one horse at a time

5**** captured the moments of our ranch stay perfectly... Thank you!!

 - Melanie T.

Documentary & Family Portraiture

for guests of Southern Cross Guest Ranch

What We Do


Put your phones and cameras away, grab those reins and and let Charlotte take care of documenting your horsey adventures!


Graduating soon? 

We have the perfect location to give your senior portraits that country wow factor! 


Why not take advantage of this time together to have your family portraits updated? or celebrate your special occasion at the ranch! 


Need something to occupy your squirmy kids for their portraits? I'm pretty sure we have what you need - horses, nature and the great outdoors!

Group Horseback Riding Photography
What to expect



Moms (and dads!) can put down their cameras and truly be present with their family, enjoying the vacation of a lifetime!  No more disappointing blurry, wobbly snapshots! Whatever type of session you chose, you can leave the ranch with beautiful images to commemorate your stay and have a lot of fun throughout the process!  Forget stiff, awkward school photos, parents - these are the shots you want of your kids being kids and your family having a blast!

Whether you are visiting Southern Cross on a family vacation, celebrating a life milestone or just getting your ‘horsey fix’, we have it covered. Specializing in equine and natural light portraiture, each session is a brand new opportunity to capture these unique personalities, bonds and special moments.

Group Session

Reservations not required

Professionally edited and ready to take home

No-obligation viewing of your photos

Select from books, prints and more!

Print prices start at just $14

Exclusive packages start at $99

Looking for something special?

There's no better time to update your family portraits!


Remember your last family photo session? Remember your stressed and sweaty self trying to heard everyone into the car to drive to the session that you should be at by now? Prising the Playstation controller out of your sulky tween's vice grip, picking grass out of the middle ones hair while simultaneously wiping lord know what off your little one's face!  Meanwhile your spouse isn't even home from work, there's 6 mismatched shoes on the porch and now you have boogies on your new dress.  In the car, the kids are by this point screaming and fighting over the candy they now have all over their clothes and you don't even want to look at your spouse.  You grit your teeth and battle your way through the session, only to end up with a CD of photos of your kids tear-stained faces scowling at each other. Does this picturing this send chills down your spine?  

Let's put an end to that right now!

Your beautiful shots have a place in the house because they remind us of a really wonderful vacation and you have an eye for capturing those moments! I love those photos so much!

- Kate D.

Shannon D.

We are so pleased with the beautiful portraits taken for the horse & rider photo session. The session was done so professionally and with utmost care and attention to detail.  Our album and wall portraits capture all the precious moments with my daughter and ‘Miss Fatty’; memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience!

Megan F.

Charlotte does an amazing job of capturing the sweetest moments with children! Can't recommend her enough, especially for family and equine photography! 

Barbara H.

Outstanding - From start to finish, Charlotte goes above and beyond capturing beautiful moments of a lifetime! Her expertise with lighting, composition and attention to detail alongside an awe-inspiring connection with her horses and clients is nothing short of genius! We could not be any more pleased with the senior photos taken of our daughter - they are art! 

Now is the time!

Perhaps it's not so extreme for you, maybe your kids are grown up and relatively relaxed in front of the camera (or maybe you haven't got kids and the above description has deterred you from ever having them!) but think about it...your family are at their most relaxed and happy while on vacation; the kids are in their element (and at probably at their most co-operative), you have some "me time" to get your hair and nails done, grandma and grandpa are soaking up their time with their family and even Dad is enjoying himself!

Besides providing a stunning location,  portraits at our ranch will mean more you you than any other - Why?  because they are actual memories; real memories of the valuable time you spend together, genuine laughter and smiles, authentic connections with eachother, animals and nature. Not a bunch of photos taken at some random city park you have never been to before!


No stress, no bribery, no awkwardness.  Just you and your family having the time of your lives!

Portrait Sessions


  • 90 minute portrait session

  • Up to 2 people 

  • Perfect for seniors!

  • Up to 2 different outfits/looks

  • Consultation and Planning Calls

  • Access to our style guide 

  • At least 40 images to be viewed

  • Expedited editing for viewing

  • Custom design & ordering session

  • $200 print credit

  • 60 minute portrait session

  • Up to 4 people

  • Perfect for families & wriggly kids!

  • 1 outfit / look for your family

  • Consultation and Planning Calls

  • Access to our style guide 

  • At least 30 images to be viewed

  • Expedited editing for viewing

  • Custom design & ordering session

  • $200 print credit

We know your little secret...

That USB from your last session got tucked away somewhere and lost in the abyss of your junk drawer, didn't it?  C'mon now, don't blush - you are not alone, this is the story for thousands of other families; who, despite their best intentions never get around to making that photo book / collage. Or maybe you are the person that promises themselves, EVERY YEAR that they will do a portrait session, but when it comes down to it, the planning is just too much work!  Trust me, I was this person too. This is what sets us apart from the rest.  No matter what the occasion; throughout the experience, you will be guided every step of the way; from deciding on the style and theme of your shoot; to creating beautifully crafted heirloom wall art to be cherished and enjoyed in your home now and for generations to come.  It is perfect for those who appreciate tangible memories and enjoy a high level of service and quality, and a lot of fun along the way!

The 5* Experience
So how does it work?  Creating stunning portraits does not happen by chance. In order to achieve this, the process needs to be thought out and well planned.  That’s why we have a specific set of steps that we follow to ensure that you end up with exactly what you had in mind!

During The Consultation, we will get to know each-other a little, we find out what your goals are for the session, discuss what images are most important to you, and then we will move onto what you want to do with your images.  During the Consultation we will also confirm the date and time of your session.

Prints & Products




We believe in the power of a, not the ones that are gathering dust on a scratched CD in your desk; or the ones that flash up on your social media feed for a few hours and are then lost in the virtual debris of our modern world. But the ones that are displayed; beautifully, over your mantle, on your coffee table, and beside your bed. The timeless images of your horses, your children, your memories. The photographs that one day, you will go to; seeking comfort in the hard times, and reminisce in the good.


After your session, you will have the opportunity to create these tangible works of art. See, hold and touch our beautiful products; hand picked from some of the best photographic labs in the country, designed to last for generations, using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. You will be able to see what your images will look like on your own walls - curated and designed just for you! 


Ultimately, how much you spend on prints and products is entirely up to you.  Though there is no minimum; our average client spends between $1,000 - $5,000 on their portrait purchase. 

Are you ready to tell your story?

It's a sad fact that 50 years from now, the most photographed generation in history, the "selfie 

generation", will have no actual photographs.  Thousands upon thousands blurry, lopsided, “selfies”, held prisoner in strange looking, useless devices that are no longer current technology.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; I say that a treasured custom portrait with your  family is worth much, much more than that.  Words can be re-written, and stories can be re-told...but nothing, absolutely nothing can bring back those precious moments like a photograph can.

This is why we print your images, so that your children and their children after that, will also have the chance to enjoy and hold these memories in their hands, so that your story is told and will live on through the lives of your descendants.  

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